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Pennsic meme

1. Where are you camping?
Longbow - N22

2. When are you arriving?
Land grab Saturday

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
No plans yet. Probably working troll, hanging out in camp, youth rapier, and maybe A&S.

4. What's your SCA name?
Ceridwen ferch Rhys ap michael

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

If the weather is nice I plan to go to my first Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival on May 1. What do I need to know that is not on the website?

Dec. 7th, 2009

Because I'm not very original

1. First Name: Ceridwen or Lisa

2. Age: 48

3. Location:VA

4. Occupation: Technical writer for a computer software company

5. Partner: Richard (Tim)

6. Kids: Michael & Marina

7. Brothers/Sisters: it's complicated

8. Parents: Genevieve (died a few years ago) and Kenneth (died 1962), adoptive step-father Reynolds (still kicking last i heard)

9. Pets: none

10. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

A. Letting the boy grow up.
B. Keeping body and soul together

Holiday Faire - Event Day

The Holiday Faire event day has come and gone.

I had some really awesome exchequer-type staff.

Lady Sophia from the Cooks' Guild was wonderful to work with on the bake sale.

Baroness Celia was so willing to help with Silent Auction until court got moved to an earlier time. Then Master Tirloch stepped in to help.

Lady Miriel was an superb head troll with a staff of competent, capable folks.

I had the capacity to handle the collection and distribution of funds for the Kingdom travel fund raffle.

Now we see how the reconciliation goes.

Blacksburg Seafood Restaurants

Does anyone have a recommendation for a seafood restaurant in Blacksburg / Christiansburg?

Or places to avoid?

EZ Pass on the go - Virginia

It looks like Virginia doesn't have EZ Pass on the go (buy it retail with a deposit). Does anyone know if I can get one in Maryland and register it in Virginia? Or even register it in Maryland with a Virginia address?

I don't have time to go to the Virginia EZ pass office in Herndon. Mail order takes 14 days.

Seems like it would be useful for this weekend's drive through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.


The weather was signifigantly better than forecasted. And it was August so humidity was par for the course.

Fuzzface - I'm sorry I blew by without stopping to properly say hello. I had already spent too long in court while troll waited for my exchequer services.

Wyvern_or - Sorry I missed your court. I think that is the first baronial court I have ever totally missed. It wasn't worth packing up all the troll stuff in the hall to go to court when we were waiting on people to come with transactions. Heck, the last transaction happened after the first course for feast was served. (Well, except for the transactions I'm still chasing up on...)

In fact, missing activites because of exchequer stuff or being too tired or hurt to walk somewhere seemed to be the theme. (What happened to the relatively good health of the first few days of Pennsic?)

Jul. 17th, 2009

Today the golden light has dimmed.

Now it is up to us to ensure the golden light lives on in memory of her.

garb question

If you could dress me in any style of SCA garb, what do you think I would look good in?

What colors?

Words meme

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

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